Manage PMS naturally

I have since recorded and studied my own experiences and applied nutritional knowledge, research and experimentation (and to my boyfriends relief) can now happily manage and avoid PMS for good! When I used to be on the pill I would think nothing of getting my period. I would happily strut about my normal, everyday life, … Continue reading Manage PMS naturally

Natural Beauty

Where you can, try to buy organic so you eliminate the negative influence of toxins and chemicals that will promote the damage casued by free radicals leading to premature ageing and disease They say beauty is only skin deep. Well actually it’s much deeper than that. Flicking through a popular magazine at a friend’s house I couldn’t believe the … Continue reading Natural Beauty

Label free life

Over the years of working with both mental health and nutrition, labelling has often raised its ugly head. In mental health a diagnosis can be a helpful thing that provides comfort and a method of treatment. In other circumstances labelling can be self-limiting, discriminating and oppressive. After studying nutrition and life coaching, the detrimental effects of … Continue reading Label free life