Label free life

4 thoughts on “Label free life”

  1. I’m having the exact same battle with veganism! I eat so much more bread and chips now because often those are the only things you can eat out and about, but that doesn’t make sense as I’m vegan (partly) for health reasons!
    I’m now questioning my own core beliefs, they’re so hard to let go of though!


    1. They are hard to let go of I totally agree. I find eating a predominantly plant based diet but favouring organic whole foods over vegan in difficult situations enables maximum health benefits. That’s the trouble with labels, they limit you but being flexible opens up more healthy options. When I chose organic fish or wild meat over chips or bread I feel better and know that I eat a plant based diet the majority of the time. I would still never eat processed meats or low welfare products. Hope this helps


      1. This is the hardest situation. Luckily, a lot of my friends are aware of my thoughts on food. When I was vegan, they did take the mic a little but would provide a vegan option and it would also spark interesting conversation. Living in Devon most of the people I know source local wild meat and fish which I am happy to eat. I wouldn’t call myself vegan anymore but instead focus on any food, veg or not, being organic, wild and local, eating meat only occasionally. If i know where it has come from and am happy with this I will eat it. If not I am confident in refusing to eat it and instead fill up on accompanying foods like rice and veg etc. Since doing so most of my friends and family now rarely eat meat and when they do they sure it from local farms or the moors.
        It’s such a tricky one but hopefully your friends and family will support you and its not too difficult to provide simple vegan even if it just brown rice/potatoes and vegetables.

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