Summer Ceviche

Ceviche is a seafood dish originating from Latin America and involves curing the seafood in citrus juices. In Mexico each family recipe varied in fish type and spice. In this country it works really well with mackerel which is a highly nutritious and sustainable fish. It really feels like summer when we head to the beach … Continue reading Summer Ceviche

Wild Garlic Pesto

Every Spring we move back into our outside home. Living in caravans we spend a lot of our time cooking on fires outside and using as much natural, free food as we can. Living a semi outdoor lifestyle is made all the more exciting when the wild garlic starts appearing in abundance in woodlands and along road sides. With … Continue reading Wild Garlic Pesto

California diaries

I have been in California for what will be nearly two months, travelling with my boyfriend in our 1969 Econoline E Series van. With a certain secret project underway this is the perfect place for some inspiration, new foodie discoveries and some time out. I was last in California 2 years ago and loved the … Continue reading California diaries